Smart cities and IoT to offer big business in Maharashtra – Business Today

February 19, 2018 By Lodha Web

PB Jayakumar   New Delhi     Last Updated: February 19, 2018  | 18:49 IST

Maharashtra is going to offer huge opportunity for infrastructure developers with about 12 smart cities coming up in the state, said experts speaking at a seminar on ‘Smart Cities and Internet of Things’ at the Magnetic Maharashtra investment summit in Mumbai.

The state can fast implement smart cities as there are 30 million internet users, a $400 billion economy growing at 8-9 percent that can become a trillion dollar economy if its grows at 15 percent plus over the next few years, noted Suresh Subudhi, Partner and Managing Director, BCG.

He asserted that if a country like Estonia can implement 99 per cent of its government transactions done online, then Maharashtra can easily create such an infrastructure.

Abhishek Lodha, Managing Director of Lodha Group, said his group is creating a smart city of its own, Palava, which already has a population of over a lakh and it has created numerous job opportunities.

Joy Rajan Cheruvathoor of L&T Constructions said his company has been associated with creating a smart surveillance system for Mumbai and has wifi hotspots in about 6000 places in the city.

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