Luxury living made to order

May 10, 2013 By Lodha Web

Luxury living, made to order Themed and branded homes are catching on in Mumbai, including sports cities, resort and Venice-style townships

“Big changes have happened in the last five years or so,” says John Hitchcox, property mogul and CEO of Yoo, an American design and realestate company that has partnered with Lodha in Mumbai and Panchsheel Group in Pune to construct a range of extravagant homes designed by the best names in design â€” Parisian product designer and Yoo creative head Philippe Starck, and Jade Jagger, fashion and interior designer daughter of musician Mick Jagger of Rolling Stones fame.

The residents The consumers, say experts, are often well-travelled, high net-worth individuals (HNls). “There
o you think you ve seen it all â€” sprawlÂing integrated townÂships, complexes with eagle-nest views, apartments fringed by canopies of trees overlooking deep blue swimming pools and grassy tenÂnis courts, all in Mumbai. Developers, however, have found newer ways to entice the consumers of luxury realestate â€” mostly people who travel freÂquently and are inexorably in sync with international trends. While new-age residential enclaves continue to feature world-class facilities, developers
are pushing the boundaries by offering themed and branded homes, pegged between Rs.5 crore and Rs.50 crore, which redefine hedonistic living in a city known for its racy lifestyle and, increasÂingly, its love for luxury.

was a time when luxury properÂties were aimed at non-resident Indians who either wanted a home back in India or wanted to invest in real estate,” says archiÂtect Ritul Mehta, who is designÂing a series of Balinese villas for a project that is still at the draw-
ing-board stage. “Now, the locus has shifted to affluent Indians, who have the money and the senÂsibilities to appreciate branded homes. It requires global expoÂsure to appreciate a home that’s an expression of an architect or a designer like a Jade Jagger or,
closer home, Pinakin Patel. When you buy a bespoke home, you either desperately want a status home, or you understand the designer’s perspective and style and appreciate that home.” Branded homes, sports cities