Icons of the World

August 16, 2010 By Lodha Web

World One kicks off ‘Icons of the World’ series with Chef Extraordinaire Rahul Akerkar

On August 14, Mumbai’s cognoscenti came together for an evening with Rahul Akerkar – chef extraordinaire, bon vivant and a true global Indian. An icon who has brought the finest flavours from around the world to our city, and helped establish Mumbai as the country’s gastronomic capital.

This exciting evening is the first in a series of events that would showcase the finest talent from around the globe. Aptly titled ‘Icons of the World’, the series is a tribute to the icons who have made an indelible mark on the world stage. From culture to sculpture, cuisine to art, aficionados and connoisseurs will be invited to celebrate their passions at The Gallery at the Lodha Place, the venue where the landmark World One – the world’s tallest residential tower -will be coming up.

The high point of the evening was when Akerkar donned the chef’s hat to cook up the World One Signature Dish for his high-profile guests. This dish will be a part of the special World One menu designed for The Gallery at World One. While the signature dish was lip-smacking to say the least, guests engaged in tête-à-têtes amidst the gorgeous ambience of The Gallery.

Proud to be the first to co-host the ‘Icons of the World’ and on the pleasure of serving up his new dish to a great audience, Rahul said As the soon to be iconic World One; that represents the transformation and manifestation of western design expressed locally in our very own Mumbai, with indigenous material, so too does the dish. The beetroot as a vegetable is a store of energy and its colour represents transformation of all things intense and passionate. In the use of this ingredient in a western preparation, specifically an Italian ravioli dish, accompanied by a sauce made of another indigenous vegetable leaf – Mutt, I have hoped to capture the fundamental essence that shapes the creation of World One, namely, the best of what the world has to offer”.

Elaborating on the philosophy of the Icons of the World; R Karthik, Chief Marketing Officer, explains, “World One, Mumbai’s defining icon, is a tribute to the vision and expertise of the world’s greatest legends. Bringing you unparalleled experience in living with the best of the world has to offer. And to give you a taste of this luxury experience, Lodha brings you ‘Icons of the World’ – a series of events that will showcase and celebrate some of the world’s most distinguished talent”.

Everyone who attended the evening left with the eager anticipation of the next event in this series.