Don’t just find your home, find your kingdom!

March 23, 2017 By Lodha Web

Don’t just find your home, find your kingdom!

Making this one change can impact how you feel and the way you live.

Your space and home have an impact on how you feel about your whole life. That’s how important it is. No matter how accustomed you are to your home or how comfortable you feel in it, if you need to limit yourself to your one or two bedroom apartment, you are going to feel restricted.

We experience our space in relation to everything that’s around us and it goes well beyond just our home. As children, we thought of our home as our own kingdom with a view of the mountains, a stream running past, birds in sight and trees all around. But as we grow older, the stresses of life become a downer for the child in us. While we all secretly crave a kingdom of our own, we may have resorted to a compromise.

The irony is that we need to find our own kingdom now more than ever. If we can find our own space every day, we not only recharge ourselves but transform our lives.

Here are just a few ways in which being in the right home can impact your life – right down to how you feel about yourself and how you live.

1. You’ll have more energy

There’s a reason Pantone declared green the colour of the year. With pollution silently wreaking havoc on your lungs, it makes a lot of sense to move to a location that offers open spaces and greenery. Properties like those offered by the Lodha Group are designed to un-clutter your life with up to 85 per cent open spaces and acres of landscaped grounds. When you’re surrounded by trees, the sound of water and a tranquil view, you’re bound to de-stress and remove energy blocks.

2. You’ll live a more fulfilling family life

Location deserves a big chunk of importance when it comes to finding your space and it’s also critical to using your time judiciously. That, eventually, leaves you with more time with your family. So living in a place that is strategically located for easy access to your workplace, is close to multiplexes or shopping areas can make all the difference. And when you have more time and more things to do with your family, you would’ve truly found your kingdom and begun to live life on your own terms.

3. Watching your children enjoying themselves will make you feel proud

Too often, we think of success as professional accomplishment. While achievements and milestones in personal life are often overlooked, nothing compares to the feeling of joy and sense of pride we derive when we see our family thriving. So make sure you move in to a home that is located close to the best of schools and institutions but don’t stop at that. When you find a home that also offers lots of extracurricular activities for children, you’ll see the change in their lifestyle and your own.

4. Your health will improve

Soon, you’ll be up for a swim with the kids or a game of squash at the club in the complex. That, and the fresh air around will keep you fitter and healthier. When you’re healthier and feeling fit, you’ll see your productivity at work, your mood and your outlook to things in general, improve. You’ll also be at your creative best.

5. You’ll have a better social life

Our social lives are very much a part of our own space. If you have to drive an hour to see a friend, then you won’t be seeing much of him or her. But move to an area co-habited by like-minded people or families just like yours and you’ll be making plans for Holi, Halloween or Id or simply gather for a pot luck at someone’s home.

All of this adds up to finding your kingdom and a space where you can be your best self. In short, you’ll be living a fuller, better life when you find the right space. If you thought this lifestyle will leave your pockets empty, you need to visit to see that high quality living at affordable prices is not just possible but very much within reach. So if you want to take a step towards taking charge of your life, you can start by looking at Lodha Group’s range of affordable luxury properties.