Preferati Club
Preferati Club
Lodha Preferati is a privileged club, where membership is open only to a preferred few.
Distinguished individuals like yourself, who prefer to live a class apart, who prefer the finer things in life, who prefer the Lodha lifestyle.

Preferati ClubPreferati Club

Lodha Preferati - Another First from Lodha

As you may well be aware, the Lodha Group has always been at the forefront of innovation. From Mumbai's first ‘By invitation only' residential tower, to India's first water inspired township, we've done it all. And now with the launch of Lodha Preferati, the real estate industry's first ever privilege club, we've outdone ourselves again. The launch of this privilege club is our way of keeping in touch with you. It's our way of acknowledging your loyalty. And of course, its our way of bringing together all our preferred customers to benefit from an even more rewarding relationship.

What lies in store for youWhat lies in store for you
As a member, you will be privy to a host of benefits including special previews of our latest projects, top priority on special offers, events and promotions. The first of which is a unique referral program where you stand to earn fabulous gifts. What's more, an exclusive Lodha Preferati newsletter will keep you updated on all the latest news including the launch of our latest projects, new offers and reward programs and lots more.

Now that you're a part of the lodha preferati, in addition to a world of luxury, you can look forward to a lifetime of rewards

Lodha Preferati Referral Program
This program is exclusively open only to Lodha Preferati and is indeed the simplest way to earn yourself some amazing gifts.

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How Does The Program Work?
All you really have to do is recommend us to any of your friends or members of your family. If any of them book a Lodha residence, you and the person recommended, will be fittingly rewarded.

How Can I Maximize My Rewards?
To make this a pleasantly surprising experience for you, we have divided the Lodha Preferati Referral Program into 5 levels, rewarding you handsomely at each level.

Simply put, if you recommend a Lodha property to 1 friend or family member and they make a booking, you can choose a gift from level 1. And if 5 friends or family members book a Lodha residence, you can choose a gift from level 5. Better still, if you reach level 15, then you stand to win our Bumper Prize – a brand new Honda Jazz. Of course, with each level the gifts get better. So, all you have to really do is refer as many friends or family members as you possibly can.

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