About Us
Our Philosophy
There are certain corporate values unique to the Lodha Group due to which we think we are an organization that does things differently. The thought that needs to come across is that luxury is an outcome of who we are and yet not to lose focus on our offerings. There is a certain process that goes on ‘Behind–the–scenes" that enables us to produce and deliver the luxury product that meets the eye.

Corporate Values that show our pedigree are

  1. We will wholeheartedly contribute to our nation's communities and its environment
    1. Most of our projects are environmentally sensitive by way of measures like intelligently designed buildings with sky gardens that help reduce the temperature of the floors below by 2-3 degrees. Use of plants in landscaping which aid in purifying the air and reduce carbon dioxide levels.
    2. An all round initiative including education, childcare and medical care are undertaken by ‘the Lodha Charitable Trust’. Our initiatives revolve around our sites as our entire aim is 'building a better life', which includes even education for children of laborers, medical attention to them, etc.
  2. We will work with the best people, treat them well, expect a lot and the rest will follow
    1. Our employee strength is growing at a very fast pace every year. Not only the quantity, but the quality of our associates is an indicator.
    2. We have people joining us from FMCG, Media, Hospitality and Banking. Our growing employee strength bears testimony that the people processes and the corporate atmosphere at the Lodha Group is conducive for careers and overall development.
  3. We exist to exceed the expectations of our customers through innovative, world-class solutions
    1. We envision luxury offerings for our customers as we believe that customers are not visionaries, they know they want a luxurious residence, but they necessarily do not know a Poggenpohl kitchen, biometric sensors etc.
    2. We are passionate for our customers as we give them more than they dream of. Ultimately, we do not think like a real estate company, we have a hospitality approach. Other than the residences, we provide them with a setup of valet services, housekeeping services etc.
    3. We are relation builders and not just structure builders. We want to ensure customer delight before buying, during construction and after they move into the residence.
  4. We will go the last mile to do things right and seek excellence in all that we undertake
    1. We believe in a systematic approach to whatever we do (no cookie cutter solutions). We have systems and processes to ensure that every customers requirements are thought through and delivered. This is why, every customer has a proper relationship manager associating with a project. You will find a step-by-step initiation and involvement of the customer with the project through walkthroughs, presentations, meetings etc.
    2. We are not ONLY about luxury. We are about providing the best product to each consumer segment. We have the best development in thane and the best at Napeansea Road.
  5. We will behave with honesty, integrity and ethics with all stakeholders of our organization.
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