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The Brand

We believe that a strong and recognizable brand is a key attribute in our industry, since it increases customer confidence, shapes the ownership experience and influences the buying decision. We focus on branded realty, with a belief in developing and marketing our real estate projects as “branded products” rather than commodities.

We have a portfolio of brands wherein every brand has a clear positioning and a distinct brand promise, so as to provide differentiated project offerings to various categories of our customers.

We undertake detailed analysis and market research and track market trends to position our projects appropriately in terms of location and income segment. Our in-house marketing team of over 175 professionals has created a cohesive branding strategy comprising various initiatives.

We believe that a scientific approach to nomenclature and positioning which is in line with the value proposition of a project allows us to create distinctive branding and advertising for our projects.

In our residential business, the “Lodha” brand caters to the premium luxury segment and the “CASA by Lodha” brand caters to the mid-income luxury segment. In our office space business, the “Excelus” brand caters to the high-end corporate office segment, the “iThink” brand caters to high-quality IT workspaces and the “Supremus” brand caters to the boutique office segment. We believe that our strategic branding initiatives have enhanced our ability to charge sustainable premiums.

We have a dedicated and experienced customer service team which regularly interacts with our customers and is responsible for assisting our customers through the entire sales and after — sales process. This provides our customers with a one-point interface for any specific requirements or grievances they may have.

We believe that our ability to anticipate the requirements of our customers and to provide our customers with essential after — sales services facilitates their satisfaction with our project, which in turn provides us with a competitive advantage.

An experienced and effective leadership and management team which enables us to anticipate and adapt to challenging market trends and economic forces

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