Our People

  • Jharna

    Jharna Human Resources

    The work you do matters and the people you work with matters just as much or more. At Lodha Group, we strive to get the best & most exceptional talent on board, treat them well and in turn expect a lot. For us, good isn’t enough; we aim to be the best at all that we do. It is this drive which fuels our commitment and runs deep through every action of ours. We have been able to transform the company to achieve greater heights by getting outstanding talent on board from the finest B-Schools & Organizations. What makes us truly different is that our current pool of associates are in turn helping us onboard brilliant colleagues to further the journey at Lodha.

    Jharna has over 14 years of work experience in Human Resources. At Lodha Group, she is currently heading the Talent Acquisition Cell. She is also the senior HR partner for the Sales and Marketing function in the organization and member of the Key Associate/Talent Management Group.

  • Shruti

    Shruti Strategy

    At Lodha, change is the only constant. As part of the Strategy team, we work with functions across the organization to develop transformation strategies, and also support them in the implementation of ‘making the change happen’. This is a great learning experience, as it gives you the opportunity to work with talented associates across the organization and get direct mentoring from senior management who are experts in their own areas. As in every growing organization, we are often faced with ups-downs, but what makes Lodha unique is each associates’ dedication and conviction to keep rising and working towards our shared dream of ‘building a better life’.

    Shruti has over 9 years of international work experience with organizations like BCG and Sapient. An MBA from London Business School, Shruti is part of the corporate strategy team at Lodha Group.

  • Maninder

    Maninder Customer Care

    I feel privileged to have been part of this wonderful journey of the Lodha Group over the past decade. The workplace thrives on a warm & positive culture, where almost everyone in mid and top mgmt. believes that he/she is a co-owner of the place, and thereby takes the onus & responsibility to take it towards higher goals. As per me, the secret behind what our company has been able to achieve is that we would always stand atop a mountain and look at the next one to aim for, and not rest on the heights achieved. What also motivates associates like me to put in more than our 100% is the fact that one sees our senior management & promoters also working shoulder to shoulder with us, putting in extraordinary effort towards the common goals. It is a matter of great pride for each of us to be working for the market leader, a company which is doing such landmark work. You also clearly sense the respect that the rest of the players in the industry have for your firm by the manner in which our trained associates are their first port of call whenever they want to hire the best-in-class talent for any department!

    A Gold medalist engineer and an MBA from IIM Bangalore, Maninder has been with Lodha for over 9 years now, and currently leads the Customer relationship management function.

  • Donnie

    Donnie Legal

    Lodha recognises that the most valuable resource any organisation can have are its people. Each and every person working at Lodha is here because they add value and they have demonstrated the capacity to constantly innovate and deliver. Talent and hard work are recognised and rewarded in equal measure and people are given the opportunity to grow and more importantly, to make mistakes in the pursuit of excellence. What struck me the most when I first joined Lodha was the vision and the capability of the leadership and the ability to inspire all rungs of the organisation to work towards the common goal. Working with such doyens of industry has been not only insightful but also a wonderful learning experience.

    Donnie is a part of the Legal Department and is responsible for the Non-Litigation team. He worked as a Senior Associate at Bharucha & Partners before moving to Lodha.

  • Shrikanth Kamblii

    Shrikanth Kamblii Construction Management

    "My three years in Lodha are icing on my 22 years career prior to joining Lodha. This has been an enlightening experience with exposure to various departments and cells. The rich experience which I was fortunate to get in those years was allowed to utilize fully in these three years. Decentralization at Projects Sites made me have 360 degree approach to very big projects of Lodha and gave opportunity to discover hidden talents in me to manage not only the execution but all aspects of the project including customer relations. I was fortunate to get recognition from company in short tenure and I am thankful to Lodha group and almighty for that. Such a good environment at workplace really boosts your morale and get you ready to raise the bar more and more in upward direction to achieve desired goals expected out of you by company. In all, Lodha gave me platform to go for excellence and self-actualization in my career. The company has ensured constant attention to detail for all its associates at each stage and has ensured collaboration at all levels so as to ease the amount of work done. Working with Lodha has been one of the most enriching experiences for me and I would like to thank the company for making each day special."

    Shrikanth has done his Civil Engineering from VJTI before working with the best of Construction Management Organizations like Phoenix Market City Kurla and Panaromic Universal Limited.

  • Abhay Gharpure

    Abhay Gharpure Planning Head

    "Joining Lodha Group through series of Interviews is a well-conceived process, which is understandable considering the field of operation. After working in Construction Companies for a long time it was also an intricate decision to join a Developer. Having Nuclear Plant, Hydel Power Plant, Five & Four Star Luxury Hotels, Luxury Mansions, & IT office complex on my portfolio; I was now getting into working on a township having Sports Stadia, Club-houses, Retails, Malls, Gardens & River Side Jogging Track and the top class infrastructure worthy of calling a 'Smart City". Its customary to have 'Vision' & 'Mission' for the companies but it's heart-warming to have 'Values'. In Lodha Group these 'Values' are held to the core and have become a way of work-life for me in these 42 months. Fair, Just & Professional dealing with associates, Equal Opportunities for Professional Growth, Empathetic Approach, Supportive Colleagues and Challenging Tasks are the real boosters. The projects that I am working are fulfilling in the sense that the whole concept, design and execution are being managed in such way that every client gets more than just the value for money. I feel proud of the fact that my small contribution is realizing the dream of thousands of families."

    Abhay has over 17 years of experience in the Construction Department. Having done his Civil Engineering, he has worked with companies like L&T and Al Ansari Trading Enterprise.

  • Smita

    Smita Design

    "Design Consultancy set-up to a corporate format was a major change, but Lodha Group work environment has made me feel at home. The Team is extremely competitive and we have been able to learn from the best brands on-board. This is a place where you can put to use your previous knowledge and also learn some more every day. A place where your thoughts and suggestions are appreciated, where you are made to think out of the box. An absolute thrilling experience which makes you want to come back to work each day!"

    Smita has been working with the design team at Lodha Group for more than a decade now. She has an experience of around 17 years in the field of architecture and design. Smita has done a graduate diploma in architecture.