Student Opportunities

  • Lodha Global Management Program (LGMP)

    We at the Lodha Group are always on the lookout for exceptional talent to complement our team. We recruit talented individuals from the best business schools in the country for the Lodha Global Management Program. The program has been designed especially for high performing business school graduates. It provides an accelerated development plan with an objective to facilitate learning and rapid growth of these associates through the organization. We provide an opportunity for them to gear up for a leadership journey from the moment they start their careers at the Lodha Group. It is a journey with well defined milestones, structured learning across strategic functions and a platform to showcase their leadership potential.

    “The LGMP program gives you the enviable experience that many graduates wish for. It provides you the opportunity to gain job experience across multiple functions. The stints in different departments allow us time to learn all aspects of the business. During these stints we face many challenges, make contributions that matter and work with impressive individuals.”

  • Srishti Nagpal

    Srishti Nagpal IIM Lucknow

    My journey at Lodha group has been very enriching both professionally and personally. The LGMP program is a well-structured program and has provided me a great opportunity to be a part of different facets of the business - from strategic planning and executing the plans to being instrumental in brand marketing campaigns and supporting sales teams to further delivering the best product and a flawless experience to the customer - has helped me develop a holistic view of the business. I started my journey with the Luxury Marketing division in the first year and eventually moved to the team of the Director's office to work with the Palava Strategy Team in the second year. Working with people from different walks of life with great expertise and knowledge provided with a comfortable and inspiring work environment - which proved as great support for me to start my corporate career and grow personally.

  • Samarth Sharma

    Samarth Sharma ISB

    I joined Lodha Group as it is one of the ambitious companies in India and has a pedigree from best colleges of the country. In last one year, LGMP has given me ample opportunities to grow professionally with challenging roles and productive work environment. My journey started in the marketing department where I was working in the division on International Marketing and from there in the second year I moved on to the Sales Team where I was the team lead for Dubai Sales. This year long roles have helped me understand the different facets of business at Lodha. HR trainings and exposure with senior management will surely benefit us in preparing for the future leadership roles.

  • Santosh B

    Santosh B IIM Calcutta

    LGMP is a unique opportunity given to us for fast track career development in Lodha group. The program has been designed by all the big brains of the company and encourages us to work in different verticals in the course of the next 6 years. The program is designed to be one of the best cross functional programs and aspires to make leaders who shall reduce cross functional barriers and catalyze the coordination. The induction, not only included functional trainings but also gave us immense opportunities to know more about our personalities and about the key improvement areas. The program is set to deliver leaders in the near future and I am very happy that I belong to the first batch of LGMP.

  • Rahul Srivastava

    Rahul Srivastava ISB

    Started as an endeavor to provide future leaders with experiences across functions and geographies, The Lodha Global Management Program (LGMP) has provided me with a unique opportunity to view and be part of the firm’s growth from different vantage points. Starting with a three week induction program, I was introduced to an awe inspiring peer group, which can boast of musical and sports achievements apart from stellar academic and professional records. The induction, which comprised of an outbound trip and a professional development program, worked as the perfect preface to an exciting year ahead, rife with opportunities for cross functional collaboration and experiential learning. As part of the first LGMP batch, it is now up to us to skate to where the puck is going to be by leveraging the on-going support from the top management.

  • HR Management Program

    We at the Lodha Group believe in recruiting the best individuals from across the country so as to make an exceptional workforce. It is our endeavor to ensure the right talent meets the appropriate platform to be able to perform to the best of their ability. In order to get the best onboard we recruit from various campuses like XLRI, TISS etc. after which they are put through an induction program on joining the organization. An exclusive one year program with a six month rotation across roles where associates are given a choice about the role they want to pursue; this program and its unique structure enables them to develop an ownership mindset helping them maximize their contribution to the organization. The induction is a structured classroom program which ensures an introduction to the company, its processes and the values followed in the organization. This is followed by a welcome into their individual teams and them working alongside experienced professionals to further groom them for leadership roles in the future. We believe in developing our talent so as to ensure that they are able to achieve the best of their capabilities.

  • Aakash Parihar

    Aakash Parihar XLRI

    My experience at Lodha started with Talent Acquisition, which I opted for at the time of joining. The role was a new experience as no one teaches recruitments in a B-school. The departments and roles that I worked on were Sales, Marketing, Design, Legal, IT, Commercial Leasing and Residential Leasing. This covered almost half of the organization which gave me an in-depth understanding of how the business functions and how the processes flow. The authority and autonomy provided was unmatched. I was involved in meetings with the top management such as the CSO, CMO, etc. and was allowed to speak up and pitch in with my ideas which were, if not accepted, readily listened to. Overall a good experience with immense exposure to the business functions.

  • Akanksha Singh

    Akanksha Singh XLRI

    The last one year at Lodha has been an amazing learning experience for me. As a part of the Organization Transformation team, I have been actively involved in the management of the Lodha Global Management Program, the 4-year leadership journey for B-school campus hires. Additionally, I led campus engagements & hiring and am working on other talent management & engagement interventions in the firm. My breadth of work has been phenomenal and there are a wide range of stakeholders that I get to interact with on a daily basis. It's my first job and my team has been extremely supportive. An enriching journey so far and looking forward to the rest of it.

  • Sanchita Agarwal

    Sanchita Agarwal TISS- Mumbai

    As a budding human resource professional, my first year at Lodha Group has been extremely enriching. I started my journey at Lodha as a Field work Intern in 2nd year of college and later joined as a full time associate in the Corporate HR team. Initially, I was a part of the Compensation & Benefits team and eventually with the help of the role rotation I have now been able to experience the Performance Management Systems for all the departments in the organization. Each day since then has been a new day with both great learning and greater challenges. The best part about working in Lodha is at it believes in your potential and provides multiple opportunities right in the beginning of your career. Looking forward to a long term association with Lodha Group!

  • Aikansh Puri

    Aikansh Puri XLRI

    "Almost 18 months in Lodha Group, and it has been one of the most eventful journeys so far! I joined Lodha Group right after completing my Post-Graduation and was given an option to choose from the available roles/projects. I asked for a Sales HRBP role and was entrusted with the responsibility. The role provided a lot of learning opportunities and understanding of the Sales function within the organization. The best part was that even though I was new, the senior management put in a lot of trust in me with regards to front-ending with the department and market heads. Six months down the line, I was provided with an opportunity to pursue Manpower Planning and Budgeting, which I readily accepted. The role entailed handling HR Analytics for the entire organization, which was a completely new and a very different experience, something that is not taught separately in a B-School. The budgeting exercise that I did for all departments across the organization was a major learning experience for someone who was almost fresh out of B-School as it gave me an in-depth understanding of the entire organization and not just a single function within it. It was a role that again required me to have detailed discussions with almost all department heads within Lodha Group and understand their perspective of what the future plans for the organization look like. Compensation is one area that has fascinated me from the very first day and I had made my interest clear to the senior management. I have now been given the opportunity to pursue the area of my interest and have moved into a Compensation role full-time. The best part about the last year and a half has not just been the diverse areas and roles I got to work on but also the confidence and belief in you shown by the senior leadership. The kind of autonomy you get right from start is something very enriching which allows you to learn to handle yourself in different situations. Overall, it has been a very satisfying experience for me thus far, one which has had a sizeable impact on my progress as a Human resource professional."

  • Supriya Anand

    Supriya Anand XLRI

    My experience at Lodha has been great and fulfilling in all sense. I was given an HRBP role as my first stint. After 6 months, I chose to continue in the same role because there were still a lot of things left to be learnt. I have worked on various projects such as variable pay policy amendment and communication, implementation of Performance management for Construction department, Role clarity exercise, department re-organization exercise, capability assessment exercise, conducting exit and retention dialogues, etc. There is a lot of trust by senior management towards you and ample opportunities and exposure is given to interact directly with business leaders. This has given me a balanced perspective and has helped me gain confidence to take up future challenges.

  • Sales Campus Hiring

    The Sales Integration Program at Lodha was launched in the year 2010 with an objective to integrate fresh MBA graduates to the Lodha Sales function. We hire people with an inclination to excel in the Sales domain from various management institutes in Mumbai. An exclusive three week induction and on-boarding program is laid out to equip them with the necessary skills required to maximize their contribution to the organization. It is a blend of technical, functional & soft skills training with a structured check back mechanism to monitor and review their performance before final placement. This program infuses fresh talent into Sales team year on year, and helps in building a strong talent pool in the Sales vertical at Lodha.

  • Deepak Parwani

    Deepak Parwani ITM

    The sales integration program is a great initiative taken by the Lodha Group towards the better development of Sales Hires from campus. The program is an extensive 18 days program which ensured complete knowledge about each vertical at Lodha. We were trained in various aspects of the business and ensuring site visits help us better understand the product which we will eventually work on. This program was more than just induction, it gave us an opportunity to evaluate oneself and improve in many ways. Also, it helped us in moulding our overall personality to suit our profile as a Sales Executive in a real estate business. It was truly a transformational experience from a fresher out of B-School into a well groomed sales employee. There was a change in our personality, our outlook of events and overall in the way in which we conducted ourselves. We thank Lodha Group for choosing us to be a part of the organization.

  • Suyash Kataria

    Suyash Kataria SIES

    From the time we were selected to be a part of the Lodha Group till today has been nothing less than a dream. Lodha Group has given me the opportunity to leverage what I learned in my studies and apply it to real business challenges. I have understood a lot about the business world through my experiences and the opportunities that have been provided to me. The induction program was well-designed to cater the needs of individuals and to identify our capabilities with the roles we were assigned. We were given a chance to visit sites from the luxury division to the affordable segment as well and this in itself was a great learning. Lodha Group is a place to inspire and be inspired and I thank them for giving me an opportunity to be a part of the organization.

  • Mathavan Nadar

    Mathavan Nadar SIES

    Firstly i would like to thank you for a warm welcome and a perfectly designed induction program. Being a fresher, it helped me a lot to shape myself to fit into the initial days of the corporate life. The program helped me in various aspects, to get to know about Lodha family and what exactly will be required on field from my side. All these soft skills are today helping me to smoothly run my day to day operations. Not only was I able to imbibe the skills that were required for me, in turn I was also able to enhance the soft skills I had and change them for the better. Lodha Group has given me the unique opportunity to be a part of this program and to be able to ensure that I am trained in Sales from the best in the field. Being the largest real estate developer Lodha Group ensures the success of each and every individual who enters the organization and we thank them for letting us be a part of this esteemed organization.

  • Graduate Engineer Trainees (GETs)

    Started in the year 2010, Graduate Engineer Trainee program has been instrumental in strengthening the talent pool in construction management and allied domains in Lodha. We hire the best talent from renowned engineering colleges and put them through a robust four months training and onboarding process before they are assigned a project. The intensive onboarding includes structured classroom as well as on-site learning interventions, periodic reviews and assessments. Our group mentorship program helps the Graduate Engineer Trainees to get directional support in their career advancement and in getting accustomed to the culture of the organization. An annual GET Confluence is conducted to ensure that the GET fraternity in Lodha is further strengthened. Our high-performing GETs are included in top talent development journeys and groomed for future leadership roles in the organization.

  • Purvesh Jain

    Purvesh Jain

    Being a part of GET program in the organisation gave me an exposure to the corporate world at a very early stage of my career wherein not only my technical skills were sharpened but also the professional skills were groomed. I was given the opportunity to interact with Leaders of different departments to get knowledge of process flow within organisation. The program was designed to give complete knowledge of cross functional exposure within the organisation which has been helpful for me to develop from Engineer to a Manager. I am happy that I was a part of 2011 batch of GET program and looking forward to work for years with the organisation.

  • Swapna Chandratre

    Swapna Chandratre

    The GET program was a very well designed training program for me which ensured a gradual development through its various stages. Getting to interact one-on-one with the top management, regular allied training sessions on special topics have been some of the USPs of the GET program. The program was designed such that we get exposure to various departments of the construction industry from site execution, design, procurement to planning and estimation. Working on various sites of Lodha during the training period helped me learn about various construction technologies; some of them pioneered by Lodha in India. Hard work and dedication towards learning all the new things never went unnoticed. Stage-wise reviews and management feedback helped keep track of my development professionally and personally. Getting promoted from a GET to a site Engineer and further to an Associate Manger within two years is a result of a strong foundation being laid during training period by way of GET program. Nothing could have been a better start to my career.

  • Saurabh Bharambe

    Saurabh Bharambe

    Associate Manager - Construction Management, Belmondo I started working in Lodha Group more than 6 years ago & I can proudly say that this is the organization where I wanted to be. They provide a great work environment, are sensitive to balancing professional & personal time and always provide assistance or education to help us learn new skills. There is complete transparency within all level of organization. The company treats you like you are part of family & as a leading Real Estate organization in India, I can surely say that I can achieve all my career goal here & will be continue to work here in future.


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