An island you can call home

Lodha Aqua offers high-end designer luxury homes for families to set up hearth. Each home is well designed to create efficient living spaces with all the modern amenities. The spacious interiors exude visual warmth and elegance as large glazed windows bring in the verdant freshness of the mesmerizing landscape outside. Lodha Aqua also features four select 4 BHK + duplex garden residences, each extending to its own private garden and 2 exclusive parking spaces.


Innovative use of the water element adds a beautiful dimension to the exquisite water-inspired landscape designed by Sitetectonix (the internationally renowned Singapore-based landscape architects), bringing unmatched beauty and serenity to the lush green six-acre podium garden expanse and creating a resort-like ambience here.

  • Water fall at the grand entrance
  • Water feature facing the entrance to every building
  • Large Central Green
  • Reflecting pools, water walls and water fountains
  • Lily pond (at the temple entrance)
  • Tall trees, lush greenery and exotic flora
  • Manicured lawns
  • Charming seating areas and neat trellised walkways
  • Ambient lighting
  • Children's Play Area with sandlot and slides
  • Senior Citizens' park
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Dahisar , Mumbai